TD-Newmarket Music Festival 2017
TD-Newmarket Music Festival – 200 Duncan Dr, Newmarket -ON L3Y 3Y9 Contact – Sher St. Kitts 647-524-6893 Email:

Thank you for volunteering for the TD-Newmarket Music Festival

Dedicated volunteers keep festival running smoothly!  We appreciate your help.

TD-NMF Volunteers represent the festival

we ask volunteers to follow basic guidelines:


While on duty be respectful and courteous to other volunteers, staff, interns, coordinators and patrons. DO NOT play with your phone or texts, unless necessary.  You must abide by all the rules; wear your official volunteer T-Shirt and wristband while on duty AND whenever on festival grounds.

FRIENDLY – Manners Matter!

Volunteers of TD-NMF must be polite, friendly and respectful of patrons, guests, interns, coordinators and other volunteers -both on and off duty.   This is required to remain volunteering.  Anyone engaging in inappropriate behavior(s), language etc. will be requested to exit the festival area.


We want you to enjoy yourself and be part of a team who are also having a great time! Please inform TD-NMF coordinator(s) of any problems with your assignment or volunteer experience. We welcome feedback – it helps us continue to improve our Volunteer Program every year!


You must attend any mandatory orientation/training sessions to ensure that you know what your specific position entails. Before festival please read everything in this package, visit the website and familiarize yourself with general info.  i.e. Festival hours, Location of Gates, Parking, Festival Map, Line-Up, Location of First Aid & Emergency Comm.  There is No Smoking in festival. Wristbands are Mandatory for everyone.  

During the festival, you will be volunteering under the supervision and guidance of a staff member or TD-NMF coordinator(s). Please listen carefully to their instructions. They are there to support you & help you do your best. If you have any questions, please ask.


TD-NMF HQ Near Service Gate 3 (Timothy & Doug Duncan)

Arrive at least 15 minutes BEFORE your shift.

Sign in with Volunteer Coordinator to receive T-shirt, wristband and general festival information; Then report to your shift location per Volunteer Coordinators instruction.


Always report to TD-NMF HQ to sign out and have your volunteer form signed.


We understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances and emergencies occur. In the event that such a situation prevents you from attending a shift, please notify us as soon as possible by emailing or calling the volunteer coordinator.


As a TD-NMF Volunteer, you are entitled to work in a respectful environment, in which al individuals are free from violence, unacceptable behaviour or harassment.  If you feel you have been treated in a manner that you found uncomfortable, please let a Team Member know.  We respect you and wish to provide a positive volunteer experience.


Health and Safety Awareness Training – Certification    We ask all our staff, interns, coordinators and volunteers to be safe during the festival. Therefore, we highly recommend you to obtain your FREE Safety Certificate online via Ministry of Labour website (link below). It will take only an hour to be officially certified and safe!  


Please review procedures below if you happen to encounter the following risks:


In case of personal injury,

  • Get first aid immediately
  • Report all injuries to supervisor on duty
  • If needed, report to NMF HQ and create a written incident report
  • Advise St. John and/or York Region Amateur Radio operators (Emergency Comm) on site

If a patron needs medical assistance, contact:

  • St John First Aid personnel OR on site York Region Amateur Radio operators; YRP or NMF First Aid/NMF Coordinators
  • Call 911 if necessary
  • Assist staff & medical personnel as and when requested


EMERGENCY GATES, Fire Extinguishers & DeFibrillator (locations)

Know where all the gates are in proximity to you. There are 5 gates in total. Study site map attached.  Know where all Exits are located.


Since TD-NMF is mostly an outdoor event, we may encounter unfavourable weather.   We have inside the Lions Halls to which we can move in case of inclement weather during the day.  Outdoor portion of the festival will close at 11pm each night. However, in case of bad weather we will move entertainment, food, beverages and activities indoors.


Please remember to hydrate often and wear sunscreen. Water will be available to volunteers. We insist you wear a hat, and ask you to also wear your sunglasses as required.


The Festival is a Rain or Shine event. In the instance of heavy rain and thunderstorms, Volunteers & Patrons will be asked to leave the site and/or will be moved to safety inside the Lions Halls.  

Thunder & Lightning:

It is unsafe to stay outside under the tents in case of thunder and lightning.  Everyone must leave outdoor area, go to their vehicles and/or go inside the building during heavy rain and/or thunderstorm.  

Volunteer Coordinator   Jessica Sherk                      

General Manager Sher St. Kitts  647-524-6893

Assistant Volunteer Coordinator Shiqi Wang

Volunteer Opportunities

The TD-NMF is like a living entity as it often runs on a minute- to- minute basis changing with the needs that present.  Therefore, although you have signed up for specific roles, BE PREPARED for change; to help out wherever you are needed!  Go with the festival flow!

SET UP & TEAR DOWN  (Thursday SetUP and Sunday/Mon TearDown)

Help setup and/or tear-down of Festival site includes:

Putting up / removing Banners, Signs, tents, mapping out vendor area, assisting vendors and Coordinators in all festival areas); Unpacking stuff and re-packing stuff…

CREATIVE ZONE – Inside Lions Halls for Kids! (Lions Hall)

Help set up art activities with Creative Kids Zone Coordinators

Assist with kids activities at different activity stations

Maintenance of art activity area

Help with teardown and cleanup of art activities daily and at end of festival – Organized packing away for 2018


Assist Survey Coordinators gathering information from Festival patrons


Help set up Visual Artists area

Assist Visual Art Coordinators as required

Assist with Art Wars and Outdoor Painting setups and/or other art activations

Help with tear-down and organized packing away for 2018

GATES – Two Gates

Collect admission fees, give change and place wristbands

Hand out Festival line up cards and information

Assist with counting tickets sold;

Provide Information to Coordinators and Patrons

Familiarize yourself with all festival events, policies and our map

Be a Runner for info and as required by Gate team.


Assist with coordination, set up, and management of events on stage(s)

Ensure acts are ready to go on as required

Assist Stage Management Crew, Entertainment Managers  and Entertainers as required

Indoor Stage and Outdoor Stages


Assist Entertainers regarding Parking/Green Room

Ensure Entertainers remain on schedule work with Entertainers Coordinator as required

Coordinate with Stage Management Team


Answer inquiries from Festival guests

Assist anyone with physical concerns and special needs

Oversee and inspect site looking for possible concerns (ie – garbage accumulation, banners falling down, tents without weights, etc.)       Ensure Washrooms are clean and supplies are available for patrons

Characters in the Park

Dress Up in different costumes working with AnneMarie our Costume Coordinator;

Visit our website see pics from previous years;

Assist with Mad Hatters Tea Party and Mad March to Wonderland in full costume on Sunday

Assist Anne Marie with costume management and collection – storage; maintenance & Make-Up

Assist getting volunteers and kids trying on costumes and getting pics with parents’ consent

Assist at the Gates telling families and kids about Mad Hatters Tea Party and Dress up Options and Pictures available

Man the Doors to Inside Lions Halls (Wonderland) and Invite Patrons to come into Wonderland and see what we have

BEER & WINE (Beer and Wine Tent)

must be 18+ and be Smart Serve certified

-serve alcoholic beverages to paying patrons

-assist with selling drink tickets

-cleanup and maintenance of bar, including restocking

-help Security oversee Beer & Wine tent(s) and cash

Attached are 1. Your Shifts/schedules grid;  TD NMF 2017 Site Plan / Map; Volunteer Acknowledgement / Consent / Release & Waiver (re photos); Map of Exits, Fire Extinguishers and Defib Location

Date Shifts Time In Time Out Supervisor Initial


Acknowledgement, Consent, Release and Waiver Form

As a volunteer of the Newmarket Music Festival (“NMF”), I, for myself and for my heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, acknowledge and agree as follows:

RULES – I agree to comply with all the rules, instructions, and directions of the NMF staff and/or representatives, and as outlined in any written material provided to me. I understand and agree that failure to comply with any rules, instructions and directions may result in my participation with NMF being terminated with immediate effect and that I may be required to remove myself forthwith from the festival site and any property where volunteer activity is being conducted.

CONSENT TO USE – I grant the NMF and Arts Music Festivals York Region (“AMFYR”), and anyone it may authorize, my consent to use my likeness, voice, words, or any other representation, as well as any works I may create in television, radio, film, print, social media or in any other form, and the right to reproduce, display, distribute, and record my works, to promote the NMF in the future. I understand that my created works may or may not identify me as the subject and/or author, and I waive any rights that I may have to inspect or give my approval to the works.

RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY – I understand certain volunteer positions have some risk. While the NMF strives to create a safe and respectful environment to reduce such risks, they can never be completely eliminated. I agree to assume all the risks and responsibilities of volunteering, and release the NMF, AMFYR, their agents, officers, representatives, coordinators (collectively the “Releases”), from any claims, demands, costs, actions or causes of action arising out of or related in any way to my presence at the NMF, including, but not limited to, any claim for personal injury, property damage and/or death. I understand and agree that I am fully responsible for my own personal items during the NMF and that the reassesses shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to the same. I have read, understood and agree to the above terms.


Name (Please Print)___________________ Signature______________________________

Date ______________________________

If under 18 years of age, a parent or authorized guardian must sign as well as the applicant.

Name (Please Print) ____________________________Signature____________________


Thank you for joining us to create the 2017 TD-Newmarket Music Festival!