Stacey Kaniuk


With heartfelt dedication and enduring honesty on her debut full-length CD “Hot Air Balloon”, 26 year old Stacey Kaniuk is an authentic virtuoso. Bringing confidence to her craft, the classically-trained pianist’s boisterous, hook-laden songs unite a devout passion for the earnestness of soul, folk and pop music with a flare unto herself. One almost finds it impossible to believe such powerful, alluring singing could belt out of a tiny, red-headed frame.

Yet it does. This petite suburban damsel with a massive voice delivers unforgettable melodies fuelling pensive, emotive lyrics on “Hot Air Balloon”, an album that epitomizes the hearty tones and deep substance in her music.

Honing her artistic expertise since youth, Kaniuk is no neophyte to the world of song. From earliest recollections of a melody-filled home to her teens spent entertaining with gold-certified pop/R&B vocal trio Take Three and into her current solo career, Kaniuk has spent her life embracing music.

“I was moved by music at a very early age; knew it was going to be a major part of my life,” she notes. “It was always around; a part of my upbringing. I’d sit at the top of the stairs and listen to my mother play stuff like Cat Stevens and Joni Mitchell on the piano. My father was also in a touring soul and Motown band years ago yet still performs locally to this day. My sister and I also performed together often when we were growing up.”

Taking those deeply-rooted influences and incorporating them into her own peerless sound, Kaniuk set the wheels in motion for both refining her abilities and creating a devout following with her eponymous EP in 2007. Intensifying that appeal and skill with a wealth of current and legendary influences, “Hot Air Balloon” is powerful, personal, expressive and vivacious.