Roger Chong

The jazz scene has found a new man in Roger Chong.

This Hong Kong born and Canadian raised jazz guitarist and composer, now resides in Toronto, Canada. Chong’s days are filled with either teaching or mentoring students, and his nights are filled with rehearsing or performing at venues such as the prestigious Rex Hotel and the intimate Gate 403 Bar and Grill.

Chong found that in his early years, under the influence of albums such as Eric Clapton and B.B. King’s “Riding With The King”, that rhythm and blues is where he wants to be. However, with the formal musical training at York University and direction of jazz notables, Al Henderson, Matt Brubeck, Roy Patterson, and Mike Cadó, jazz is where Chong set his focus on.

Chong’s debut jazz album “Love Me One More Time”, received rave reviews from critics and music bloggers globally. This led to many more rich melodic tunes, with the hidden influences of jazz guitarist such as George Benson and Kenny Burrell.

“Love Me One More Time” built a refreshing sound, earning praises on Chong’s tone and phrasing. The title track was picked up for the soundtrack of the independent feature film “PROMISE” and won best award for Film Score at the Toronto Chinese Film Festival in 2010.

Chong has released two other successful albums since “Love Me One More Time” that garnered steady climbing sales in “Send A Little Love” (2012) and “Live at The Trane” (2013).

Juno Award-winner (and co-founder of NOJO) Paul Neufeld comments that “Chong’s album

‘Love Me One More Time’ is full of warm and well written tunes. He has a great ear for the classic jazz guitar sounds. It’s solid and hard-swinging”.

Legendary jazz drummer Archie Alleyne said “Roger has found something that seems to be missing in the recording industry these days, sensitivity. As a guitarist he has captured the moods of one of our most romantic instruments.”

Roger Chong’s remarkable talent and creativity have gained him praises from some of Canada’s most notable musicians. As he moves forward, his fans wait and anticipate where his sounds will take us next. Everyone is excited for the future of this rising Canadian jazz guitarist/composer.