Rich & The Poor Boys


Rockin’ Rich is a harmonica player and singer who has performed in Niagara Falls and Toronto since the early 1970’s. Rich has had numerous radio, TV and movie appearances. His performance schedule has taken him from street dances to beer halls -stadiums and even to resorts on the beaches of Jamaica. Rich’s dynamic stage presence and unique vocals make him a highly sought after front man. His harmonica playing is intense and electrifying with ferocious power and big fat tone. His use of creative phrasings sets him apart from most harp slingers.

When you see Rich and the Poor Boys perform you are immediately aware of the raw energy and passion that emanates from the stage. They inject a vibrant new life into classic blues material while still remaining true to the historic roots of the blues.They are one of the only groups of musicians in Canada to parallel the blues bands of Chicago.

The true measure of a band is when they take the stage and wow every audience and Rich and the Poor Boys is that band. It is not often a band of this caliber comes along so when you’re looking for fun, excitement and a rip-roarin’ rockin’ blues music Rich and the Poor Boys are a must see and should not be missed !!!