North of Dixie


“NORTH OF DIXIE, is a Dixieland style band formed in 2012 by a group of musicians who are big fans of Dixieland music and wanted the opportunity to continue this traditional music form. The name of the group came from the same concept that coined the idea of Hollywood North for the film industry and Nashville North for country and western music. It was also based on the fact all the members of the group live north of the city of Toronto in the Region of York. All North of Dixie members perform in a variety of different music styles in a wide variety of musical groups including The Newmarket Citizens Band, The Thursday Night Jam Band, Vintage Road, the Sheraton Cadwell Orchestras, the Markham Concert Band, the Aurora Community Band and the After Hours Big Band, . Members have also performed in pit orchestras for a variety of locally produced Broadway musicals.

North of Dixie has performed in a variety of events such as February 2016 at the First Annual Mardi Gras Festival at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts, the Aurora Jazz Festival, Southlake Hospital Fund raising, and in a variety of Senior’s residences and dances.”