Will Lofsky


My name is Lofsky. I am a nineteen year-old professional rapper. I have worked with many Chicago artists including the entire Stankface Records crew (Bruce Bayne, The Palmer Squares, Loud Mouth, Will is Chillin’, and Rebel Legato), Probcause, Lucki Eck$, as well as the amazing, Army of The Pharaohs member Celph Titled. I have been working hard as possible to continually grow but at my stage I really could use a label’s support. I have been involved with music since I was three years old, when my father, Lorne Lofsky (famous jazz guitarist that toured with Oscar Peterson for years) introduced me to the piano. I have built an estimated fan base of 10, 000 people in just three years of rapping and I want to continue to push boundaries and limits as I bring my musical background more into my music.