Glenn Marais Band


Glenn Marais is a singer/songwriter who uses his music for healing and hope through his company, Music in Mind. He teaches character education through music, motivational speaking, curriculum kits, workshops, activities and school assemblies to thousands of students inspiring them to get involved locally and globally with his universal motto, “Give to Live”. His groundbreaking educational kit, Songs in the Key of Character, teaches character traits through ten songs and activities.

Glenn traveled to Africa to film a video for his song, “Like a Child” that went to number one on Much More Music, and a documentary on the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa. The CD/DVD of Like a Child raises money and awareness for the children of Africa. The song and video were featured at the International AIDS Conference in Toronto in 2006 and Glenn closed the conference with a live performance in front of 7000 people that was broadcast around the world. He is currently raising funds for the Cotlands Orphanage in Cape Town South Africa, under the Kids for Cotlands campaign. $75 000 has been raised to date. He orchestrated the One Candle campaign in Dec.2007 to raise money for families of Canadian Military personal in the Afghanistan War, He recently composed a song, “On the Shoulders of Giants” that was selected by the Nelson Mandela Children’s Foundation to commemorate Nelson Mandela’s upcoming 90th birthday.

Glenn has been nominated for a Juno award for the song, “Everybody Wants to be like You”, by the artist Snow. The song is the 5th most played song in Canadian History. Glenn believes strongly in empowering and educating our young people to become the voice of change that we need to see in our world.