Burrows and Company

Burrows And Company has been playing together from time to time for years.
Mostly in the studio … some of our own tunes … some covers done our own way.
This will be a rare public performance for us … looking forward to the rush.

Our founder is vocalist and songwriter Bob Burrows.
Current Associates are Al Cross … drums, Dennis Pendrith … bass, David Chester … keyboards, for the last three years or so Graham Young … guitar.
And from time to time Denis Keldie … keyboards, accordion …
Fine company for making music … world class players.

We are especially pleased to feature and focus on the emerging, wonderful talent of Graham Young at this particular festival, in front of his home crowd.
Graham is one of the finest musicians I have ever had the pleasure to work with.
Every time he picks up that guitar something fresh and magical happens.
We invite you and yours to come and join the party on August 26 at 3 PM.
Burrows And Company … making music that matters since 2008.