Brown Owl (cropped)WITH BORDER Reduced

Judy started drawing very young, as all children do. Attending high school as an “Art Special” Judy delved into the arts, finding solace in music and visual art courses. Always an introvert, she was inspired by her father’s encouragement to see beyond the obvious and she found a way to outwardly express herself through these outlets. Judy was particularly drawn to pen and ink, painting, and sculpting, and her creative power flourished as she refined her skill set.

Trading in her saxophone and easel, Judy transferred her creative intention to sewing as she started a family. As her family grew and she entered the corporate world her artwork took a back seat, but she always maintained a household filled with creativity. Her children thrived into the young adults they are today, and Judy returned to art part time. 
Judy is now a full time artist; sharing her passion, teaching classes, and originating and designing her own conceptions of art.

She continues to interpret the world through her passions and endeavours, always ready with a camera to capture the unexpected opportunity of a perfect sunset, an early morning fog or mist, or close-up of a beautiful flower in that moment of perfection.