Newmarket Music - Interns Application 2017

A) If in University/College, what school do you attend and what is your program/major?
B) If you are a senior citizen, please let us know of any Associations or clubs that you are involved with. (optional)

Emergency Contact Information


Please check all dates that you are available to volunteer (if you are unsure, please select yes to be emailed more information closer to that date).

There will also be a MANDATORY training session for you to attend before the festival.

Have you volunteered with NMF Festivals before?
If so, what were your duties.
Would you be interested in a leadership position?
Which positions are you most interested in?
Do you have Smart Serve?
Do you have First Aid/CPR Training?
Comments on any other experience you feel may be relevant ie:arts and culture, teaching, etc.
How did you hear about NMF?
What do you hope to get out of working with NMF 2017? *
What do you find most challenging about Volunteering?
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Calvin Marejka

Hasheel Lodhia

Tiffany Folmeg

Jason Wong

Erica Wang

Anali Herr

Josh Gottlieb

Mathew Keating

Jessica Tse

Sophia Shek

Edmond Chiu

Gail Bevilacqua

Rosalind Naccarato

Robert Lee

Jonathan Peslar

Steffi Goodfield

Mahboob John Rezai

Dana Zinberg

Jessica Tse

Cameron Osborne

Vivien Hung

Vivien Hung

Neve Walker

Khizar Mir

Ivan Zilberay

Mathew Keating

Dana Zinberg

Riley Rose Gladney

Anthony Lomax

Priscilla Wong

Layla Yagi

Chris Zhan

Christina Di Paola

Laurel Astridge

Robert Lee

AnneMarie Lourenco

Vicki Lee

Shirley Wu

Hariharan Devadas

Andrea Compton

Queenie Zeng

Vicki Go

Ashish Patel

Will Powell

Charissa Ratz

Kyle Smith

Shiqi Wang

Christian Bulza

Mathew Keating

Anthony Lomax

Hayley Howitt

Aman Gupta

Jessica Sherk

Richard Felty

Lily Fostikova