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Stories of the Past – Shake Your Groove Thing at York Region Pride: TD – Newmarket Music Festival

Glitter, sun, sweat, and grooves sum up this year’s York Region Pride! On Saturday, June 16th, Newmarket became the diverse pot of gold amidst an extravagant array of rainbows. Starting at 2pm, costumed walkers and dazzling floats paraded down Main Street, with representation from Go Transit, Treefrog, Snap’d, and more! But the most stunning float of all was our very own Alice in Wonderland inspired display, created and presented by the TD-Newmarket Music Festival. Our team of lovely interns and volunteers sashayed in drag-inspired looks, including the Queen of Hearts, White Queen, Sexy White Rabbit, Caterpillar, Cheshire Cat, *Mark Pez as the Mad Hatter, Mad Hattress, and Alice herself.

The most notable feature on the float, aside from the beautiful makeup by *Julia Carrano, was our booty-shaking choreography to ‘Shake Your Groove Thing’ by *Peaches n Herb. Our team presented a heated, energetic set every time our infamous theme song was played, which was a joy for everyone in the crowd. Big thanks to everyone who ‘came out’ to support the LGBTQ+ community and reiterate that love is simply love.

Stop! In the name of love….the day did not end there! The York Region Pride Festival, directed by Jacob Gaal and fabulous crew, included children’s activities, fireworks, and drag shows! The TD-Newmarket Music Festival team worked in conjunction with York Region Pride to ensure the day went smoothly, and that the stage was managed. Our booth, filled with merchandise for charity, Advance Festival Weekend Passes, and pep stood tall until the evening! The team witnessed some amazing fire dancers, entertainers, and drag performances featuring the wonderful Sofonda. Riverwalk Commons was bursting with food, energy, and lots of pride!

The night ended with the official after party at Newmarket’s new LGBTQ2 vegan lounge, Stage 185! Overall, the event was an extravagant representation of York Region’s inclusive community. The family-friendly atmosphere ensured it was a day anyone could enjoy, and a night that nobody would forget. The fireworks display truly encompasses the heart of the festival- a booming expression of togetherness, and bright spirit!

August 7, 2018