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Stories of the Past – Honey, I’m Home (at Riverwalk!): TD – Newmarket Music Festival

Wait…did Shania Twain just walk by?? Or was that Shania’s Twin? On Thursday, July 19th the TD-Newmarket Music Festival hosted a fabulous Shania Twain Tribute at Riverwalk Commons. But before she could ask “Who’s bed have your boots been under?”-CDA Dance Academy took the stage for a twirl, followed by line dancing by New Age Country Entertainment!

The TD-NMF team put on their cowboy hats, plaid, and long skirts as Shania’s Twin had everyone singing Man! I Feel Like a Woman! Her moves, engagement, and uncanny resemblance to the Canadian country star really DID impress us much! Over 3000 people joined to soak in the sun and free entertainment as Cachet sold yummy food! Forever and For Always, the TD-NMF booth was there supporting Southlake Regional Hospital Foundation with merchandise sales, and the advance festival weekend passes for only $20! Hope to see you at our next free tribute!

August 7, 2018