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Stories of the Past – Canada is Still HOT at 151: TD – Newmarket Music Festival

On July 1st, Riverwalk Commons and Main Street Newmarket provided double the fun and triple the heat for a special Canadian celebration! Main Street welcomed a bustling crowd brave enough to take the heat, while Riverwalk catered to the youth and our roots with Kanata Day festivities. The TD-Newmarket Music Festival team embraced the weather in fashion, decked out in red and white with country flair! Present in both celebrations with syrupy-sweet booths, the TD-NMF team had a special sale on Canada Day festival merchandise for Southlake, and our Advance Festival Weekend Passes sold like the hot cakes many enjoyed at breakfast.

While red and white was the obvious theme, the TD-NMF introduced an additional treat with line dancers from New Age Country Entertainment! This prompted the team to showoff their cowboy hats and stomp along Riverwalk twisting and kicking! New Age Country Entertainment will be DJing, MCing, and performing at Country Night on August 26th at the TD-Newmarket Music Festival, so be sure to grab your passes for a swingin’ good time!

August 7, 2018