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Stories of the Past – Alice has Heart, At Polo for Heart: TD – Newmarket Music Festival

The TD-Newmarket Music Festival dusted off our fancy hats and umbrellas to attend this year’s Polo for Heart on Saturday, June 23rd. While there was some slight drizzle, there was no shortage of champagne, horses, and heart! This elegant event included a very regal pony parade, polo matches, pop-up shops, and an engaging musical performance from George St. Kitts.

Our picnic was a lovely escape into Wonderland, adorned with blue and white décor. Many silver animal statues joined the team for a ‘mad’ tea party, with the white rabbit making an appearance! The Queen of Heart’s card soldiers guarded our table, but everyone was welcome to visit! If you would like to meet Alice and her friends, check out our festival, which now runs all summer long! July 5-August 26th at Riverwalk Commons in Newmarket, and don’t be late!!

August 7, 2018